We place an emphasis on welcoming beginners no matter what skill level and our goal as a team throughout our season are to grow as much as we can while having fun and making friends. We welcome anyone to join throughout the year and there are no tryouts. Our fall season is focused on learning the basics of Ultimate and we have about two practices a week. Our spring season is our competitive season as we have two practices a week and travel to four tournaments.

Coaches: Lizzie Jones and Judy Arnobit


2 Angela Mroz
7 Maïca Pichler
17 Meghan Gannon
55 Elena Rebholz
20 Ava Wong
29 Jenny Yan
19 Sara Shaker
40 Allie Roach
82 Ali Grimaldi
32 Emma Katz
3 Nicole Ochandera
4 Emily O’Brien
57 Becca O’Keefe
79 Becca Sirull
35 Efi Narliotis
19 Sara Grosslein
25 Siena Tice
34 Sara Grosslein
99 Marley Arborico
21 Jackie Firsty
63 Charlotte Langer
27 Alice Guin
54 Danielle DiRaddo
53 Katerina Stephan
41 Brie Heney
22 Grace Woodward
51 Olivia Scioletti
77 Eva Power
24 Vivian Lee
70 Camille Bahr
65 Samantha Cook
80 Kelly Jamrog
56 Marina Karr
42 Trea Lavery
61 Emma Smith
0 Morgan Yang