We place an emphasis on welcoming beginners no matter what skill level and our goal as a team throughout our season are to grow as much as we can while having fun and making friends. We welcome anyone to join throughout the year and there are no tryouts. This spring season the Balks have travelled to Philly Classic in New Jersey, New England Open in Massachusetts, and the Division II College Sectionals where we broke seed and placed third in all of New England!

Coaches: Charlotte and Deuce

*denotes captains

^denotes rookies


00 Vaughn Luthringer^
1 Alyssa Goldstein^
2 Temi Akinyoade^
4 Savannah Krohn^
6 Lydia Abbott*
10 Zelda Ferris
11 Meng Ting Jiang^
14 Maya Franklin^
15 Neha Kayiti^
16 Phoebe Anderson^
17 Abby Jin^
21 Lydia Steger-Wilson^
22 Chloe Key^
25 Chloe Brasket
27 Ellen Neilson
28 Emily Seto^
33 Sydney Djotita^
40 Nikki McCullough
42 Diane Grant^
48 Carolina Franco^
49 Quynh-An Vo^
62 Mac d’Leeuwen*
72 Maya Kozlov^
80 Emily Nally^
84 Gabby McKinley
88 Jessica Ye
94 Sofie Wendell^
98 Grainne Casey
99 Tamara “Tam” Kahhale*